Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers


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The Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers is the national authority responsible for providing assistance, benefits and services to soldiers released from their service in the IDF and to Israelis who have completed national civil service. The services and benefits provided by the department facilitate a smooth transition back into cvilian life, and  are available for up to five years after the completion of service.

Eligibility for services and benefits is determined in accordance with the 1994 Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Law, which defines a "discharged soldier" as someone who has:

a. Completed a minimum of twelve months of service (with exceptions made under unique circumstances)

b. Served in the following frameworks: IDF, Border Police, Israel Police, Prison Service

c. Completed National Civil Service in a recognized institution

As Israel's leading institution supporting the country's veterans, the Fund provides financial grants and a financial deposit,  benefits geared toward assisting the veterans in completing their studies and higher education, as well as vocational training and professional guidance.

The Fund is committed to reaching as many of the country's discharged soldiers and service members as possible, informing them of their rights and benefits available to them, and helping them reintegrate into civilian life.

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