Rehabilitation Department


The State of Israel owes a never ending amount of gratitude to those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. The Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department is the government authority designated by law to support and serve the community of veterans who have suffered injury during their service in the IDF or other national security frameworks.  


The purpose of the Rehabilitation Department is to provide efficient, professional services to assist in reintegrating our injured veterans into Israeli society and civilian life.


The department's mission is to assist Israel's disabled and/or injured veterans in their journies to recovery and return to civilian life.  This is accomplished by providing veterans with effective social services and financial support.

The rehabilitation process may be both long and challenging. To account for this, department activities are executed by a multi-disciplinary team using a holistic approach to medical, social, employment, and welfare services. Each team is led by a portfolio manager who is responsible for an individual veteran and works with professionals from relevant fields.

In 2011, the Ministry of Defense and the IDF Organization for Disabled Veterans signed onto the Rehabilitation Department convention of service, which expresses the department's commitment to those in need following their service in the defense establishment, recognizes the department's legal authority and delineates its values and guiding principles. The department continuously looks for new ways to strengthen and improve its relationship with the veteran community.


Guiding Values:

Professionalism  – Guaranteed professionalism and specialized services at every stage of the rehabilitation process

Sharing, openness and respect – Direct contact with the community, protection of individual rights and dignity, and alertness to the patients' needs throughout the rehabilitation process

Quality  service – Highly trained staff providing the highest level of service in every relevant field

Integrity and credibility – Adherence to the law and relevant regulations and standards of procedure

Partnership – Collaboration with the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization, the Knesset, relevant government offices and public institutions to promote effective rehabilitation practices and engage the public

Efficiency – Consistent and efficient operating standards, matched with quality assurance