IDF Southern Relocation



The relocation of IDF units to the Negev region in southern Israel is a massive national undertaking unlike any other. The project, spearheaded by the Southern Relocation Department of Israel's Ministry of Defense, will enhance the IDF's operational effectiveness, and contribute to the national effort to invest in and empower the Negev region. Within the project's framwork, national infrastructure will be renewed and improved, and support will be provided to military personnel and their families throughout the transition.

Among the projects included in this initative: Nevatim Air Force Base, a large-scale training complex and a campus for the intelligence community.

As a result of this initiative, residents of the Negev will enjoy greater educational and employment opportunities, renewed infrastructure, and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

From a professional standpoint, operational effectiveness will be improved by equipping IDF and MOD service members with the latest, advanced technology. From a social perspective, Israel as a whole will benefit from the economic, infrastructural, and cultural growth that will take place in Negev.

Our Partners:

Local and international high-tech companies are flocking to Beer Sheva's High-Tech Park, recognizing the wealth of knowledge and specialized skills soon to be concentrated in the Negev. Companies including EMC, IBM, Lockheed Martin and Elbit are already located in the park, and many others have already expressed their interest and intent to take part in this massive expansion of the Start-Up Nation.  


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