Applications and Technology Department


The Applications and Technology Department of the Ministry of Defense  is responsible for the development and management of all  information and communication infrastructure as well as monitorng the defense establishment's computer systems.  It provides advanced technology services to the employees of the Ministry of Defense both in Israel and abroad,  to branches of the IDF, as well as defense exporters and relevant service providers. The department is also responsible for operating data centers and managing the Ministry's internal communication networks.

 The Department is divided into the following units:

Customer Relations, Applications, Development, Operations and Services, Systems, Internal and External Networks, IDF and Defense, Establishment Archives, General Staff

The Applications and Technology Department also works in the business arena and provides its customers with effective infrastructure for managing e-commerce applications and communicating with the trade partners of the Ministry of Defense. The department also holds a platform for dynamic tenders in order to serve procurement managers, enhance effective collaboration and  streamline contract procedures.