Logistics and Assets Department


​The Logistics and Assets Department is responsile for coordinating, planning and managing operational activities including national projects and events, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense.  

The department is divided into several sub-units:

INMAA - Israel National Mine Action Authority: Established in 2011, Israel's demining authority is tasked with clearing the country of non-essential minefields. It is responsible for setting policy and priorities in mine clearance together with an advisory committee under the Minister of Defense. INMAA also conducts public affairs campaigns to raise public awareness of safety measures in areas of potential risk.

Logistics and Maintenance: The unit oversees various ministry facilities, manages procurement and inventory, and provides transportation for official delegations (Israeli and foreign).  The unit also handles logistics for the welcoming ceremonies held for international heads of state  

Emergency Unit:  The unit is responsible for maintaining contact with public and private entities during emergency scenarios, ensuring that the Ministry of Defense is prepared to successfully undertake any and all missions during states of emergency (from a logistical standpoint), and registering land and facilities utilized by the defense establishment  during both routine and emergency situations.

Transportation and Travel: The unit is responsible for the defense establishment's domestic transportation services during routine and emergency scenarios.

Assets and Infrastructure : The unit is responsible for the protection of ministry assets and infrastructure, establishing and implementing policy relating to the evacuation and rennovation of military bases, as well as managing the defense establishment's infrastructure and service-related activities.

Operations Unit: Responsible for the implementation of operational projects and management of the ministry's situation room as well as implementing safety measures at various ministry locations.  

General Staff: Responsible for personnel management, budgets, and project management.

Publishing: Responsible for publishing literature on security issues and military affairs.