Crossing Authority



The Ministry of Defense Crossing Points Authority (C.P.A.), was established in 2005 following the Israeli government's decision to entrust a civilian body with the responsibility of managing various crossing points along Judea and Samaria and the Gaza border. Its mission is to maintain daily activity and movement across the passage points, and to prevent the flow of weapons and terrorist activity into Israel.  

The C.P.A. is responsible for 16 of Israel's crossing points- 14 along Judea and Samaria and two located on the Gaza border. These crossings include: Kerem Shalom, Erez, Bika'a Valley, Gilboa, Reihan, Sha'ar Efraim, Eyal, Eliyahu, Hotze Shomron, Macabim, Tarkumia, Meitar, Metzadot Yehuda, Hashmonaim, Te'enim and Lamed-He. They each operate in accordance with the policy established by the Ministry of Defense as well as regulations set by the Israel Police and the ISA.

A significant compoment of the Authority's professional obligations is considering the needs of the local population. The Authority continuously strives to improve the quality of its services, while maintaining the necessary security measures. As such, every year the authority trains hundreds of security officials, who are then prepared for their positions and ready to act in any scenario.


All civilian crossings are equipped with advanced technology as a security measure:

1. Advanced command and control centers, which streamline monitoring and real-time communication processes to facilitate the flow of traffic

2. Sophisticated scanning technology customarily found at the world's most advanced airport terminals

3. Systems that enable the simultaneous screening of commerical goods in multiple vehicles

4. Pedestrians are equipped with "smart" ID cards and biometric identification to streamline the passage through crossing points