Department of Production and Procurement (DOPP)



The Production and Procurement Directorate of the Ministry of Defense supports the continued advance and strengthening of the IDF.  The department works to maintain an elite, uncompromised level of weapons systems, services, and equipment for Israel's defense establishment. First established in 1967, the directorate works with every branch of the IDF, caring for all of its procurement needs and centralizing the purchase of technology. This is the largest procurement body in Israel, providing tens of thousands of jobs for citizens across the country and supporting domestic production (in the Israeli defense industries).

Primary Functions:

1. Purchase goods and services in accordance with the operational and logistical needs of the IDF 

2. Guide the international procurement missions of the ministry (IMoD missions in New York and Berlin)

3. Ensure access to advanced technology

4. Assist local industries, with emphasis on production in Israel's peripheral regions

5. Deliver goods purchased abroad, to Israel

6. Guarantee effective, professional procurement services


Leading Values: 


  • Constant cooperation with the IDF
  • Increase the number of dynamic tenders
  • Reduce the volume of projects using a single supplier & steadily increase the number of tenders
  • Activities assisting small businesses


  • Tackle manpower challenges
  • Continue hiring young, professional staff
  • Train staff for a wide variety of positions within the directorate
  • Improve technological interface to optimize the management of procurement projects


  • Reduce the number of urgent procurement orders
  • Survey customers, suppliers, general staff on satisfaction levels and make adjustments based on findings
  • Improve computerized procurement
  • Continue promoting the directorate's quality programs
  • Decrease the number of justified complaints, claims by suppliers
  • Initiate changes in the directorate and the ministry as a whole