Department of Engineering and Construction



The Ministry of Defense Engineering and Construction Department is the professional authority responsible for all of the defense establishment's construction and infrastructure projects. It deals with the development, planning and execution of all new projects, as well the maintenance of existing buildings and infrastructure. The Department works with the market's largest suppliers of advanced technology and collaborates with Israel's most innovative and professional engineers. 


1. Execute construction and infrastructure projects as well as maintenance tasks on behalf of the IDF and the MOD

2. Serve as the IDF and MOD's professional authority on matters related to engineering, construction and maintenance

3. Serve as a licensing authority for IDF construction projects

4. Centralize information on engineering and infrastructure

5. Conduct research and development in the field of construction

The MOD's Engineering and Construction Department is comprised of military personnel of various ranks as well as civilian MOD engineers and architects, all of whom engage in project management, research and development, and other aspects of the field.