Advancing Defense Exports


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Israeli defense industries are recognized for their exceptional innovation and creativity in producing advanced technology, and play a significant role in maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge. Many of these tools have proven their value and strength on the battlefield. Their capabilities support research & development, and generate solutions that cater to various security needs in the global market.

The International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT), and the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), at the Ministry of Defense constantly work to promote Israeli defense exports by initiating international cooperation and breaking into new international markets.

Defense exports comprise approximately 10% of Israel's overall exports and play a monumental role in Israel's economy by creating jobs and generating revenue. The industry also serves as an important tool for the State of Israel to foster relationships and deepen strategic partnerships with countries and security entities across the globe.

The Ministry of Defense also encourages growth within smaller defense industries across Israel, with SIBAT's business development division working to empower local small and medium businesses. The flexibility, expertise, speed, and creativity of smaller companies render them critical in the search for effective security solutions.

Today, there are roughly 1,200 registered defense exporters from small and medium sized companies engaging in a variety of fields including: research and development, engineering, counter-terrorism consulting, security and intelligence, high-tech industries and more.

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