The Ministry of Defense manages ten museums, which together serve as a time capsule from the early days of Zionism, preserving and displaying the history of the  Jewish defense forces, as well as the establishment and development of the IDF. These museums house thousands of artifacts that refelect the story of Israel's security forces over the past century. We invite you to visit each of the ministry's museums located across the country, and relive history by means of the fascinating stories of Jewish and Israeli heroism.

"Beit HaGdudim"- Jewish Legion Museum

The Jewish Legion Museum was established in 1961 by veterans of World War I's Hebrew battalions. It shares the stories and experiences of Jewish volunteers in the British army during the two world wars.

Address: Ben Gurion Street, PO Box 90, Moshav Avihayil (near Netanya, 4291000)

Phone: 09-862-9240, 09-882-2212


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00, Groups and Friday/ Library Visits should be coordinated in advanced.


Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum

The Clandestine Immigration and Naval museum (named after David Hacohen), reviews Israel's military naval history from the days of clandestine immigration to Palestine during the British Mandate. It shares the struggles of immigration from 1934-1948 and displays the direct connection between clandestine immigration, the Palyam (the naval platoon of the Palmach), and the Haganah naval service prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, as well as the establishment of the Israeli Navy and its operations.  

Address: 204 Allenby, Haifa

Phone: 04-8537672



Etzel Independence Museum- Jaffa

The Etzel museum, located on the Tel Aviv seashore, tells the story of Israel's National Military Organization, an underground organization, which fought for the establishment of a Jewish state during the War of Independence. The museum also serves as a memorial for the forty-one Etzel warriors who fell during the Battle of Jaffa. The museum exhibit includes documents, newspaper clippings, photographs, films, artifacts and visual models illustrating the organization's activities.

Address: Nahum Golman 2, Charles Klore Park

Phone: 03-5177180


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00


Etzel Museum- Tel Aviv, Beit Jabotinsky

The Etzel museum tour highlights the organization's historical significance and the sacrifices its members made,  paving the way for Israel's independence.

Address: King George, 38 (Beit Jabotinsky)

Phone: 03-5253307


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00


Haganah Museum – Tel Aviv

The Haganah museum tells the story of one of the defensive forces that was central to the establishment of the State of Israel. The museum reflects the development of the organization from the early days of the British Mandate, to its contribution to the Jewish community throughout the War of Independence, to the establishment of the State of Israel and the IDF.

Address: Rothschild 23, Tel Aviv

Phone: 03-5608624, 03-5600809


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00


"Beit HaShomer" Watchman's House- Kfar Giladi

The "Beit HaShomer" museum was set up by the members of Hashomer (the Hebrew word for the watchmen), to commemorate the organization's heritage. It provides a unique educational experience that sheds light on their important contribution to the establishment of the State of Israel and the IDF.

Address: Kfar Giladi, Upper Galilee 12210

Phone: 04-6941565


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00

*Group visits on Fridays and holidays should be coordinated in advance.


Lehi Museum – Tel Aviv

The Lehi Museum, located in Tel Aviv's Florentin neighborhood, reflects the history of the underground Lehi unit and tells the story of its commander, Avraham Stern, who was captured by the British police. The apartment is preserved with the original furniture from Stern's final days.

Address: Stern 8, Tel Aviv (Florentin)

Phone: 03-6837582, 03-6820288


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00


Acre Underground Prisoner Museum

The Acre Underground Prisoner Museum is located in the Old City of Acre, in a fortress built during the Ottoman rule. During the British Mandate, the fort was converted into the Acre prison, where fighters from the underground Haganah, Irgun and Lehi were imprisoned. The museum presents the prison's history and the stories of the fighters that were held captive.  

Address: HaHagana 10, Old Akko, 1199

Phone: 04-9911375


Hours of Operation: Sunday- Thursday 8:30-16:00

Tours must be coordinated in advance and last 90 minutes. The tour can be conducted for groups of up to 30 people (individual visitors may be included by appointment).


Underground Prisoner Museum- Jerusalem

The Underground Prisoners Museum in Jerusalem is situated in a 19th-century, Russian pilgrim's hostel. The hostel was converted into a central prison during the British Mandate, and held hundreds of Jewish underground warriors from  the Haganah, Etzel and Lehi organizations. Members of these organizations were imprisoned alongside local criminals.

Address: Mishol Hagvura st., Russian Compound, Jerusalem

Phone: 02-6233166


Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00, Friday for groups with advanced booking


Palmach Museum – Tel Aviv

The Palmach Museum covers the legacy of the force through the stories of individuals and groups. By presenting the stories of the organization and its fighters, the museum provides a fascinating look into the establishment of the state. Visitors to the museum join the group of young Palmach recruits from its establishment, and advance through the story of the Palmach until the end of the War of Independence.

Address: Tel Aviv-Jaffa – Haim Levanon 10

Phone: 03-5459800


Hours of Operation: The museum is open every day of the week except for weekends and Israeli holidays. Tours take place by appointment only and last 90 minutes. Tours are held for groups of up to 25 people (individual visitors will be included by appointment).