IDF & Defense Establishment Archives


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The IDF and Defense Establishment Archive (IDFA), is the central military and security database of Israel. Founded in July 1948 during Israel's War of Independence,  it is the state's largest archive, storing the defense establishment's documentation, both historical and administrative.

Since it also holds materials in the fields of medicine, education, economy and other social subjects, the archive is considered essential in preserving the collective memory and the defense legacy of Israeli society.

The Archive stores photographs, maps, posters, audio-visual and written material. IDFA and its subsidiaries also hold documentation of Jewish military organizations, which were active prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, such as "Haganah", "Lehi" and "Hashomer", as well as preserving a collection dedicated to Jewish soldiers in various armies.

The IDFA is also responsible for declassifying documents, providing the public with access to historical information and conducting historical research for the defense establishment.