Ministry of Defense


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Israel's Ministry of Defense is responsible for protecting and securing Israel and its civilians through political, military and social means. It provides solutions to tackle Israel's security challenges by strengthening the IDF, promoting the research and development of advanced technology, encouraging Israel's defense exports, supporting local industries and promoting social involvement.

The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to shape and actualize the national security objectives under its responsibility, to support the IDF's force build-up and operations, and to contribute to areas of society, technology, industry and  foreign defense relations.


1. Manage government activities relavant to national security

2. Draft the Defense Ministry's policy on strategic security matters and maintain external relations with foreign defense establishments

3. Draft a defense budget and ensure its optimal implementation

4. Provide resources required by the  IDF for its force build-up and operations

5. Maintain and nurture social processes prior to and post military service

6. Develop  technological, logistical and industrial infrastructure to support national security operations

7. Research and development of security infrastructure

8. Honor the memory of Israel's fallen soldiers, assist bereaved families and provide rehabilitation services to disabled IDF veterans

9. Protect the employees, information and assets of Israel's defense establishment


The Ministry of Defense and the IDF

The IDF is the primary beneficiary of the Ministry's services. The relationship is built on fruitful, productive cooperation on all levels. The division of labor gives operational and technical responsibilities as well as budget allocation to the IDF, and procurement, commercial, policy and industry requirements to the Defense Ministry.

The collaboration between civilian and military personnel exists across a variety of departments such as the DDR&D (Directorate of Defense Research and Development), Budget Department, Defense Establishment Inspector General, Department of Engineering and Construction, and more.