Nurturing Future Generations


​The DDR&D is one of the most advanced centers for security technology and innovation in the world. It ensures Israel's ability to develop the systems required to maintain its military strength and qualitative edge. As such, the DDR&D has a great responsibility in nurturing the defense establishment's most outstanding resource - human talent.

Through the DDR&D's Talpiot and Psagot programs, high school graduates with exceptional academic and interpersonal abilities join the core of Israel's military research and development.

Talpiot Program:

Led and managed by the Ministry of Defense, Talpiot is one of Israel's elite military-academic technology units.

Founded in 1979, Talpiot works to bridge the gap between groundbreaking R&D and operational capabilities.

Every year, Talpiot recruits 50 talented students who demonstrate exceptional skills in math and science, and who also show leadership qualities. As of 2013, about 10% of the unit's total of 850 graduates received  some of Israel's most prestigious security awards including the Israel Defense Award, Air Force Commander's Award, Head of the Military Intelligence Award and the Head of DDR&D Award.

Throughout their compulsory military service, participants undergo three years of rigorous training in research, development and ethics of the defense establishment, and commit to serving an additional six years in a variety of roles in the IDF or the Ministry of Defense. Throughout their nine years in Talpiot, participants undergo academic and military training, completing their service at the forefront of defense and technology.

Psagot  Program:

Psagot is the flagship program of the military's academic services. High school graduates with outstanding talents are drafted into critical research and development positions at the core of the IDF's technological activities. Psagot trains engineers, introducing them to wide theoretical backgrounds and providing them with the tools to tackle a multitude of projects.

The program includes intensive studies in challenging fields including electronics, physics and computer systems. Participants also undergo academic training in either electro-physics or software engineering. Towards the end of thier studies, graduates are assigned a variety of roles in defense research and development.