Space and Satellite Administration


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The Ministry of Defense Space and Satellite Administration within the DDR&D, was established in the 1980s to address Israel's operational needs and to advance its space program. The Space Administration coordinates all of Israel's aerospace defense activities. It is responsible for the development of satellites and launchers, guaranteeing Israel's independence in space. Technological developments are led by members of the Space Administration and carried out by Israel's defense industries, combining innovation with the highest standard and quality of work.

Over the years, the administration's knowledge, abilities and pioneering research have promoted Israel's space industry. Israel was the seventh country in the world to achieve full capabilities in the space domain and today is one of only twelve nations in the world with such abilities.

The Ministry of Defense's multi- year space and satellite development program is intended to enhance Israel's strategic capabilities, propel its high-tech industries and create jobs. The  State of Israel's significant investment in the aerospace field has led to the development of strategic defensive products, primarily in the field of intelligence. At the forefront of Israel's space program is the Ofek satellite series.

The first Israeli satellite, Ofek 1, was launched in 1988. Since then, Israel has taken several leaps forward in improving its technological capabilites and resulting intelligence products. In April 2014, Israel successfully launched the Ofek 10 observation satellite.  Several hours after its initial launch, it began its orbit around the earth and began transmitting data to a control center. In September 2016, Israel launched the Ofek 11 observation satellite into space.