Unit for Research & Technological Infrastructure


​Originality, creativity and innovative thinking are at the nexus of groundbreaking research and game-changing technology. These are also the values that Israel's defense establishment promotes, and the sources of its qualitative edge.

The Unit for Research and Technology Infrastructure is one of the key players in the development of the defense establishment's strategic capabilities. It is a scientific research organization, operating under the Defense Ministry's DDR&D. The unit's mission is to identify, develop and promote diverse tech solutions to address Israel's current and future security needs.

Characterized by its creativity and exceptional manpower, the unit is known as a leader in its field, using rich academic research and having profound awareness of the defense establishment's immediate and long-term needs. They are responsible for, among other things, building, upgrading and developing infrastructure and testing facilities for the defense establishment.

Key Areas of Focus:

- Infrastructure, facilities and simulators

- Quantum technology

- Nano-technology and micro-technology

- ICT and autonomous protection

- Physics, space and energy

- Military medicine, ergonomics

- Aerospace engineering

- Chemical and energetic materials

As part of its mission, the unit initiates interdisciplinary activities and research, stimulating the development of new initiatives and encouraging the advancement of collaborative Israeli research. The unit operates in collaboration with other units under the DDR&D and the defense establishment, while maintaining constant contact with the highest levels of the international research and development community, with the aim of investing in Israel's long term operational capabilities.